Assurance and Compilation Services

We provide all levels of Assurance and Compilation Services on your financial statements depending on your company's needs. We also offer wide range of agreed-upon audit and review procedures as well as internal control assessment to assist companies in meeting the statutory requirements. Our Assurance and Compilation Services include but are not limited to: • Audit - the highest level of assurance on financial statements, includes but not limited to in-depth examination and confirmation of account balances and selected transactions. Audits are performed based on standards established by the AICPA, ascertaining the validity and reliability of the financial information. • Review - provides limited assurance on the financial statements. This involves inquiries to the management on the financial statements, analytical review procedures that identify any items requiring further analysis. Reviews are performed based on standards established by the AICPA to provide limited assurance on the financial information presented. • Compilation - usually for limited use and is based upon information provided by a company's management. Compilations do not offer assurance, testing, verification or limited assurance, but provide the management with financial statements that are in compliance with generally accepted accounting principles or other reporting basis.